Brief Analysis of "Homage to My Hips"

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In "Homage to My Hips", Lucille Clifton creates some kind of imagery pertaining to her hips. She seems all into herself, more specifically, her hips. She makes it a point to convey that her hips are strong or powerful by the lines "they go where they want to go. /they do what they want to do. /these hips are mighty." (9-11) She gets into how her hips are big and mighty, no one can hold them back, and how they can even seduce men.

Although this poem is quite simple and short it says alot.

This poem reveals the beauty and the working of poetic language and imagery.

It captures the symbolism of the body and illustrates who is in charge.

This woman is obviously proud of her body and tries to turn it into an advantage.

These 15 lines try to reveal the body's power and express selfhood.

The line "these hips have never been enslaved" (8) is a point made for the state of freedom.

This can also have something to do with her descent. Sexuality is also a point in this poem. The line "put a spell on a man…." (14), explains this.

Lucille seems as if she teases men with her hips. As mentioned earlier, her hips are strong, mighty, and can do anything anywhere. Her boasting shows pride in herself.

She has a certain power over a man, says the line "…spin him like a top!" (15) In comparison to men, she is no lesser. She seems a bit cocky, but her hips are big, free, strong and seductive. She has pride in them, as for herself. This poem creates with description. Lucille reveals the power of her hips and creates imagery with a mere fifteen lines.