A brief assessment of how music during the 1980's influenced the pop culture of the time.

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American Pop Culture During the Eighties

Music has always been a driving force in America's Pop Culture. It is heard on the television, on the radio, in stores, on the phone when put on hold, and even when you go to your doctor's office. Not many people realize that the type of music that is popular is defining of that era in time. Music has always been a part of pop culture, but it was during the 1980's that music began to define pop culture, and change the way we speak, behave, think, and believe. If you look into today's music, it even has an effect on our vocabulary.

The popular rap song by Drake titled "The Motto" has a set of lyrics that goes as follows:

"Now she want a photo

You already know though

You only live once, that's the motto,

[Explicit] Yolo" and since the songs release, the term "YOLO", or "You Only Live Once," has become a part of teenagers across the country's vocabulary.

Even more than that, however, it has encouraged us to take risks. If I am debating on doing something I know is risky or dangerous, the term "YOLO" could drive me to pursue this action. Now I understand how bold of a statement that is, but I can say from personal experience from when I was debating on jumping into a pool in very cold weather, I was not going to do it, but then I thought to myself "YOLO" and jumped in. Obviously that is a less risky scenario, but it aptly supports my point.

Teens especially are more apt to do what is seen as "cool" and if a famous music artist is coining a term, we will be very likely to adapt it into our diction. It is...