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In the start we see that the two children of Mr and Mrs Birling(Sheila and Eric), support their parents in the beginning. Their character was exactly mirrored their parents view. Gerald however, is remains the same and refuses to change his character and is the same as Mr and Mrs Birling. This is not so obvious in the beginning, but if u study the book really carefully, you would see that there are many quotes that suggest that Gerald Croft was always in support of Mr. Birling, such as "Yes, exactly so" and so on. Mr Birling also goes on to tell Gerald and Eric "how a man should know how to look after himself".

This shows Mr Birling lack of civic mindedness and how emphasises on how selfish he is. There are also other instances on how selfish he is. For example, when he only cares for his knighthood and his reputation when news gets round of his family causing Eva to commit suicide.

There is also no doubt that he is a unfeeling man when he shows no regret and remorse when he sacked Eva. Rather, he feels that he was not responsible for Eva Smith's death.

Mrs. Birling had almost a 100 percent mirror of Mr. Birling except that she flexes her muscles as head of the charity organization to refuse help to Eva Smith. She felt that it was impertinent of Eva to call herself Mrs Birling. Furthermore, she was a liar (as her children soon found out) as she had refused to acknowledge the photo of Eva and was adamant about not having met her. However after repeated questioning, she admitted that Eva had came to her for help before. She is also in the dark about Eric's drinking habit and realizes that Sheila is...