A Brief Comparison of the Northern and Southern Tribal Traditions of the prehistoric US region

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North and South: A comparison

Though the northern and southern Native American tribes lived in vastly different environments, led lives of different styles, and practiced different ceremonies and rituals, the underlying principles and attitudes of their cultures were very similar. Both traditions centered on deep respect and love for all life and all spirits, and both relyed heavily upon nature in order to survive. Both Native American nations lived in connection with the powers of creation, and they shared the same deep knowledge of life.

The northern tribes were fierce and stoic hunters. Because of their dependance upon animals for food, clothing, weaponry, and shelter, the framework of their beliefs was upheld by animals, especially the buffalo. Where the herds roamed dictated the itinerary of the clans, and thrugh their wanderings remained with in the 'boundaries' of thier native terrain, through this migration they experience the world in an independant manner, able to unexpectedly evict a camp quickly and never settling into one place for long.

Every creature displayed admirable qualities to be acquired, taught lessons to anyone caring enough to explore the subtlety of the wonders of the animal world. The people hunted, but no differently than any other predator might: Out of need, not desire, and without hate for their prey. The northern tribes flowed with the rhythm of life and gleaned simple wisdom from their symbioses with animals to minimize complications in human life. Their images for connection with the spiritual plane involved lifting up into the sky. They worshipped Thunder Beings and The Grandfather Spirit, Wankantanka, who lived in a special realm of the sky. To strengthen their bonds with the spirit, northerners used smoke, which rises into the air.

The southern tribes lived peaceful, nonagressive lives. Like the plants they cultivated these people took roots,