Brief Essay on the Life of Representative Jerry Costello.

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Jerry Costello was born on September 25, 1949 in East St. Louis, Illinois. He graduated from high school in East St. Louis and went on to go to Belleville Community College where he received his Associate degree in 1971. He then furthered his education by attending Maryville College and receiving his Bachelors. During this time he had a job working in law enforcement which he acquired almost directly out of high school. In 1980, he was elected Chairman of the St. Clair County Board, chief executive for one of Illinois' largest counties. Costello took office on August 9th 1988 to fill the term of the late U.S. Representative Melvin Price, and started serving full term November 8th the same year.

He has done many positive things for our region. He saw a vision for new transportation in our area. He always works hard to get the job done, and many people know that if the idea is out there, Costello can make it happen.

He is a moderate on many fiscal issues and with his seat on the Budget Committee; he helped pass an important deficit reduction legislation in 1993. Known to stand up for our communities jobs, he strongly opposed the Clean Air Act which cost many coal miners in our area. Jerry Costello always seems to be dedicated to his job by taking part in public forums, civic meets, radio call-in programs, and even small town hall meeting every month.