Brief essay summerizing the literary work The Lottery, also provides an analysis of characterization.

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The Lottery

The Lottery is a story of a small farming community and a sick tradition that they follow each year. When the story starts off, the reader is unaware of the events that'll happen during the day - the boys gather rocks innocently enough and the rest of the community gathers for some event in which the reader has no knowledge of. Right before the lottery starts, Tessie Hutchinson arrives late, saying that she almost forgot that it was the 27th - the day of the lottery. Once everything settles down, each man in the town goes up and draws a small slip of paper for their family, the one slip bearing a black mark being the winner... Bill Hutchinson recieved that slip of paper. After it was revealed that Bill "won", his family then had to each choose a slip of paper, and Tessie Hutchinson recieved the one with the black mark, marking her the overall "winner" of that year's lottery.

The community then proceeded to stone her despite her desperate pleas for the community to put an end to the lottery.

Each of the characters in the lottery are static and flat characters, except for Tessie Hutchinson who is flat but is also dynamic. The change in Tessie is that once she gets picked for the lottery she protests about the unfairness in it, while before she was fine with it. The point of view of the story is in the third person ominiscient. For the type of conflict, it can best be described as the protagonist vs society, the protagonist being Tessie and society being her community and the insistance on the lottery. The setting of the story is in a small farming community which is in the older days because they feel the need to...