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Why Have Fast Food Restaurants Succeeded?

Why has the fast food market taken control of the minds of Americans? There are many reasons and factors that contribute to this phenomenon. Fast food is easy, reliable, cheap, quick, and located on almost every major street in the U.S. Fast food also has major repercutions that Americans still choose to ignore. Though some are becoming aware of its negative health factors, the obese still bow down.

In America, for the last fifty years, fast food has grown to become a part of our culture. People see ads and commercials everywhere that entice them to eat at a fast food restaurant. Furthermore, Americans are indulged in unhealthy eating habits that cause serious health problems, such as, obesity, heart disease, and a shorter life span. This is the reason we have the largest population of obese people in the world. Children in America, who grow up with two working parents, which is the majority of American children, eat a lot of fast food because their parents don't have the time to cook a healthy, home-cooked meal.

Concluding, that the number of obese children in America at a young age is outrageous will continue to be until the awareness of this issue is increased.

Addiction plays a crucial and devastating role in why Americans continuously submit to the temptations of the fast food market. America has created, over the last fifty years, a need for high calorie foods. When people consume an above normal number of calories a day, their bodies adjust to fatty foods; they become hooked on its taste. As a consequence, the fast food market in America booms in profit and in turn expands rapidly, making the restaurants abundant in every state, city, and town. This means even more people will become...