Brief Overview of Two Publicly Traded Companies

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Brief Overview of Two Publicly Traded Companies

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Brief Overview of Two Publicly Traded Companies

Company Product

The two companies selected for this paper are McDonalds and Jack in the Box. Each of these restaurants is a fast food establishment and is considered a staple of food while one the run. Of these two fast food chains McDonalds is one of the most iconic fast food restaurants and known throughout the world. McDonalds is a significantly larger chain over Jack in the Box.


In 1951, businessman Robert O. Peterson opened the first Jack in the Box restaurant in San Diego. Equipped with an intercom system and drive-thru window, restaurant served up hamburgers to passing motorists for just 18 cents, while a large jack-in-the-box clown kept watch from the roof.

Along with his Jack in the Box restaurants, Mr. Peterson operated other restaurant concepts as well as a food-manufacturing facility as divisions of a parent company called San Diego Commissary Co.

In 1960 Jack in the Box expanded outside of California with the opening of its first restaurants in Phoenix, Ariz. Three years later, Jack in the Box expanded into Texas, where it opened restaurants in the Houston and Dallas-Ft. Worth areas. In 1968, Ralston Purina Co. acquired controlling interest of the company. Under Ralston Purina, Jack in the Box restaurants underwent a major expansion in an effort to penetrate the eastern and mid western markets, and the business grew to more than 1,000 restaurants by 1979.

In 1985 an investment group, completed a leveraged buyout of the company from Ralston Purina. The company went public two years later before an investment group, again including members of Foodmaker management, converted...