A brief plot overview of Thomas Keneally's Schindler's list.

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The book, Schindler's List, is a true story, based on the life of the German businessman, and Nazi follower, Oskar Schindler. Through out the story line, Oskar makes the transformation from a greedy, materialistic womanizer, into a noble, devoted and generous hero. The theme of the triumph of good over evil unravels through out the book.

As a man looking to make a profit, Schindler captures the Nazi's rise to power as his break to make a fortune. He opens his own, enamelware company, specializing in cookware and utensils with the help of his accountant Itzhak Stern. Using Schindler's natural born ability as a schmoozer, he sweet-talks and bribes his way into the trusted circle of Nazi Military connections. With these close ties; Stern becomes the link to supply the factory with a steady and unpaid labor force of Jewish who view his factory as a safe haven after being forced into the new ghetto in Krawkow.

All of the Jews realize that Schindler's factory is a safe haven in alternative to the concentration camps.

But in the spring of 1942, Schindler's Jews are assigned to Plaszko, a terrible Work Camp run by the cold hearted Amon Goeth. Schindler successfully persuades Goeth to keep using his Jewish labor to work in his plant. At the turning point of the story, Schindler realizes he is the only thing stopping the inevitable gas chamber death of these people. He dissipates the rest of his wealth bribing the Nazis to save his workers. In the end, by the time the allies conquer the Nazis, Schindler is completely broke, but have saved the lives of roughly 1000 people from terrible fates.