Brief Review Of The Lusitania

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The British and the Germans were trying to gain power by trying to rule the seas, they could rule the seas if they can build a ship which is the fastest. The British rule the seas because they currently have the fastest ship but it changed when the Germans made an even faster ship which beat the record speed of the British ship. The British heard of the German’s ship beating their record so they decided to build the Lusitania which is the fastest, biggest and most luxury ship in there time. So now the British holds the fastest speed and that means they rule the seas.

When the British were building the Lusitania they had to borrow a large amount of money from the British Government. So they ask the government to lend them some money to build the Lusitania, the government decided he will lend the money but there were some terms which he decided on.

The government heard about the Lusitania being the fastest ship so the government used this opportunity to his advantage. He thought that it will be a good idea to transport soldiers and ammunition through the Lusitania because the ship is fast and it will be a great disguise. So he told the builders that the Lusitania must transport soldiers and ammunition if there was a war. They accepted the offer and built the Lusitania just the way that they said they were.

In spring 1915 the great Lusitania left New York to sail to Liverpool with around 2160 passengers onboard. The Lusitania attracted so many wealthy people who live in America because the first class was better then most hotels accommodation. There was a conspiracy about the Lusitania; it was thought to carry a dangerous cargo onboard. The cargo supposedly included...