A brief summary of the build up in WWI. Contains infomation on alliances.

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Build up to WWI

With all of the main empires seeking world power, wealth and reputation the sense of patriotic pride increased. Britain the main power trying to be the ultimate imperial power tried to colonise as much as possible. Germany not keen on being second best did its best to outdo Europe to try and be a better nation. They then began to do anything to claim land and it soon began to be a race to gain land. They both hadn't had any major threats and were proud nations but war was not an option because they were both scared of each other. Germany because of Britain's global dominance and Britain because of its navy being thinly spread and fear of war.

Because of the fact that they were scared of each other the two sides began to build up their armies, Germany in particular who were amassing a large navy force.

Germany began to get scared because of an Alliance between France and Russia, and France and Great Britain. They felt as though they were being ganged up upon and were quick to form more alliances elsewhere. There were soon very few neutral countries because of the fact that nobody wanted to be invaded and it was for protection.

Precious commodities soon began to be fought over like oil for example and diamonds, especially in Africa. France and Germany had a dispute over Morocco for example and the countries felt vunerable because they were so close together. It was then a case of getting as much as possible, trying to outdo the other empire.

In the end the Entente and Alliance were set for war. They wouldn't give in because they were too proud and didn't want to be seen as an easy invasion target. One always...