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Brief TherapyBrief therapy is a therapy to develop thoughts. This type of therapy is directive and solution oriented. The brief therapy works in cognitive therapy. It looks at how people think, behave and feel. Brief therapy looks at how people understand, develop and see themselves in the world. In this type of therapy, the therapist will try to teach the client how to take control of their lives.

Rational Emotive Therapy (RET) developed by Albert Ellis, was more of a pragmatic type of therapy. In this form of therapy, clients would maintain irrational beliefs. The therapist felt that if the client replaced irrational beliefs with rational beliefs that their problem would be solved. The reason for its popularity is it is a combination of philosophical, cognitive behavioral and emotive strategies, which bring about short and long term changes. RET's approach works better for people who wish to work on present issues, and desire treatment for coping with life's difficulties, rather than on historical of their past.

I favor this typed of therapy because it allows a person to express their emotion.

Ellis basic idea for rational emotive behaviors is based on an ABC process. For example, my client's name is Wheat. She is the CEO of a major Insurance Company, and she has a problem of being verbally abusive to her employees. She also has the same problem at home with her family. Her husband has made the decision to leave her, because he is fed up with all of the abuse. She has lost employees because of the verbal abuse. Now the executive board members because of all the complaints are looking at her from employees. Her job is jeopardy.

First, which is the A; I would identify Wheat's anger patterns. What events trigger this anger? I would...