Briefly Outline the film "Billy Elliot" (Transcript: Interviewer and Director)

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M: Good morning loyal listeners of 630 ABC News Radio. In today’s program we will be discussing the concept of into the world. Into the world is simply a transition of an individual from one stage to another. The individual will experience a change whether the change is physical, intellectual or emotional. Today we are honored to have the director “Stephen Daldry” of the film “Billy Elliot” here to enlighten us how techniques are used to represent the changing effects of growing up and transitions into new phases of an individual’s life. Good morning Stephen, glad to have you here.

S: thank you, it’s a pleasure! I would like to say hello to all the year 12 out there whom have chosen to study billy Elliot for their HSCM: First off, do you think billy Elliot is a good representation of into the world?S: Yes of course! The film billy Elliot reflects around an 11 year old boy named billy whom is drifting between 2 different worlds.

He is expected to follow a traditional path of his father’s into the mining field and participate in sports such as boxing. However, billy has his own personal dream of ballet dancing. Billy fights all the obstacles including defying his own family and thus never giving up the affront barrier on the way to his dream, because this is the own way for Billy to enter the world.

M: I see, obviously billy had a strong passion for dancingS: Yes, you are right!. Billy’s determination to dance to the best of his ability is evident through the sequence of cross cut scenes cutting from billy practicing in his bathroom using the stolen ballet book, to his secret lessons with dance teacher Mrs. WilkonsonM [interrupted]: And, how do these specific scenes portray...