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The Bible teaches that without knowledge, people will be destroyed. The learning process begins in the womb and continues until death. For any society to advance beyond primitive civilization, it must educate its people. It is evident that the underlying problem of third world countries is a lack of education. Education forms the foundation of a strong infrastructure. Many third world countries provide minimal education to its people. Consequently, these societies remain vastly impoverished. Education must begin with the basics in reading, writing, and arithmetic advancing through higher levels of academic knowledge. Millenniums' society lives in the information age and is globally dependent. Today, education must begin within each individual in the formative years and continue beyond high school. A unique opportunity exists for southeast Texans to attain an education beyond twelfth grade at Lamar Institute of Technology, a Junior College, and Lamar University-Beaumont, a Senior College. At Lamar University-Beaumont, an array of educational degrees among its diverse campus colleges is evident at a few of its select colleges such as the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Engineering, the College of Education, and the College of Business.

Society is served invaluably by the degrees that students earn at the College of Liberal Arts. Some of the degrees that one can earn are a Bachelor of Arts in English and the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Information plays a vital role in every society and the Bachelor of Arts in English is necessary for one who is to be a newspaper reporter or an editor of a nationally syndicated newspaper, or a company who specializes in providing society with technical information. Additionally, national security is a priority for every society as well as the protection of its citizens. The Liberal Arts College offers a degree program in Criminal Justice that educates the student so that he may serve as a Law Enforcement Officer within the county, state, or federal level. These degrees are required for law enforcement officers at the local level in the sheriff's department, at the state level in the Texas Department of Public Safety, and at the federal level in the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Central Intelligence Agency.

The world revolves around engineering. At the College of Engineering, every society's infrastructure depends on Civil Engineering for roads and bridges, Electrical Engineering for energy, Mechanical Engineering for machines and mechanical devices, Computer Science for informational technology, Chemical Engineering for better products that makes life easier, and Industrial Engineering that provides business with designs in ergonomics and efficient plant layout for cost-effective products.

Society cannot learn without teachers and the College of Education offers degrees to its students so that they can impart essential knowledge to others to learn thereby. One cannot learn from a book except that he has the knowledge to read and comprehend the information contained within its pages. A book cannot be published except that one has mastery of the knowledge of words and its meaning. The College of Education equips society with the ability to sustain itself and advance knowledge into the future. Knowledge is the key to advancement and preservation.

Globalization is the dependence of society to meet the needs of its citizens through the world of business and finance. The College of Business provides the future entrepreneur with the power and capability to manage his small business who may serve a customer that may live on the other side of the world. It equips a future CEO with the tools to effectively run a corporation who answers to a multitude of shareholders. The College of Business provides the vital service of instructing future leaders of tomorrow in the world of finance and administration whether it is in medicine, defense, banking, or agriculture.

In closing, education is the foundation to any society's strength, stability, and infrastructure. Education begins at one's birth becoming a lifelong process. Knowledge must not end at the high school level during this global age. Society must continue to educate its people through the colligate level. Southeast Texas is unique in that it can bring education to its people through Collegiate Junior and Senior institutions. Lamar University-Beaumont is a senior collegiate institution. The campus is comprised of seven colleges, or divisions, offering a vast array of degree programs that will ensure a strong societal future. Each of these colleges at all universities will empower you to build a bright and better tomorrow.