Brighton Beach Memoirs

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Brighton Beach Memoirs

Brighton Beach Memories started and ended at the same location. In fact, the whole performance took place at the same location, which in my opinion is something quite difficult to do, as the play was longer than one hour and thirty minutes in the length. The performance started with Eugene (Christopher Noah Tormo) playing baseball with himself in his front yard. Eugene was a 16 year old boy, and the narrator of the whole story. It reminded me of the show, "Save by the Bell," because every time Eugene would talk to the audience explaining what he felt in his situation, or guide them to get a better explanation of what was going, the other characters would ignore the fact that Eugene was talking to people who were hypothetically not there. The performance was very interesting as they slowly built up the conflicts with light comedy. I especially liked the talk that Eugene and his older brother Stanley (Chris Murphy) had about puberty and wet dreams.

I enjoyed it so much because it was extremely hilarious, I suppose I found it hilarious because it was about a sexual topic and I'm very immature. The story was very easy to follow along, and I felt this was done because of Eugene narrating each scene. The play consisted of not only one story, but many stories based on each character's problems, including the problem in Poland, and towards the end, they all connected. There were a few surprises in the story, like Blanche's (Nora Roque) date getting into a car crash. I personally thought they were going to add a twist to the story by saying that the car he crashed in to was the car Blanche's daughter Nora (Tanya Gallagher) was in. Overall, I really enjoyed the story;...