Bring It ON: A Poem

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The article gives the story of Diana's death through their eyes. The paper and news have made them out to be the killers and this is their side of the story. The photographer that the article focuses on is Jaques Lengevin. He was in Paris on his way to a friends house when his employer called him and told him to go photograph pictures of Diana at the Ritz hotel. He went to the hotel and shot a couple of photos of Diana getting into her car. Then he thought his job was over and started home. On his way home he noticed flashing lights and went to investigate. Upon arrival he noticed a car crash. As soon as he got close he realized that it was Diana's car a began to take pictures. He was soon arrested by the French police and held in jail for three days. The article then talks about his adventures photographing people around the world.

I think that this article was a good idea. It gives the photographers a chance to tell their side of the story. I think that even though they did annoy the princess they played no part in her death. They are just doing their job, They would not have jobs if it was not for the people that buy the tabloids that publish the pictures of Diana. I do think that what they were doing was wrong though. They hounded Diana for the majority of her life and did put her under a lot of stress. This article does not tell anything about occasions when the photographers would not leave her alone. It is just a one sided story contradictory to the majority of the articles against the paparazzi. This article does have good pictures and is well written, but I think that it is not very good because of gets off the subject at the end. I think that they just used the name Princess Diana to get a readers attention and then went off on a tangent.