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Essay by egandraJunior High, 9th grade September 2014

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After long minutes of reflation I have finally chose the word "lucky ". I think this word describe well my opportunity today but I can clearly say that this your can also be related to my whole life. First of all, because I feel lucky to wake up every morning and to have all those people around me. But over all I feel lucky because my family is not the fortunate one and with grace of Lord I can have a proper education me and all my siblings. Therefore I have reason to say that I am bless.

During those 3 weeks, the most significant thing that change in me is my vision about others. I don't see things like I use to see them. Today, I am more careful and I can't trust easily people.

If I had to give an advice to brand new freshman it will probably be to stay positive and to try to stay in top of things because in college and in the real life we can control everything but at least we can try to do our best to not be desperate and hopeless therefore it is important to not lose hope.