British Airways, KLM and Austrian Airlines

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Introduction (Remit)

This report is meant to highlight the main similarities and differences of presentation style and content of three airlines companies annual reports. (British Airways, KLM, Austrian Airline). In all this three reports are presented financial, economical and managerial information from year 2006. Although each report provides information about its company, their purpose might be different.


The comparison of these three reports is based on the information found on the company's web- sites, accessed on the 21 of December 2007. The web-sites where these reports are and any other details about these three companies are as follow:

British Airways:

Austrian Airlines:



The content of these three companies it seems to be divided in main sections each including sub-sections. From their content the reader can find out what are the main issues discussed in the report. (see appendix 1, page 7)

British Airways report seems by far the most professional one, because of the scientific vocabulary used.

It has detailed content, but the main headings are not very well delimited from the subheadings, especially because they have the same text colour. The report gives us an inside look into the company from all perspective: Chairman's and Chief Executive's Statements, a detailed financial report that includes among others a quick overview of the business, resources and relationships, and report from the Audit, nomination, remuneration and safety review committees.

Austrian Airline has a more attractive content; the main headings are highlighted in red, and the subheadings in blue. If the British Airways report is present more in a financial and an economical way, Austrian Airlines approach based on report is based on marketing side more than an economical one. However, the report is balanced because presents the company facts from all perspective in...