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Education in Great Britain Structure: 1. School system 2. Differences between: England "" Wales "" Scotland "" Northern Ireland 3. National Curriculum 4. School years 4.1. Nursery School 4.2. Infant School 4.3. Middle School 4.4. Secondary School 5. Types of school 6. Everyday life in school 7. Grades 8. Report Cards 1. School system: Age School 2 years or 2 years and 9 month Nursery school 4 or 5 years Infant school 8 or 9 years Middle school 12 or 13 years u p to 16 years Secondary school Ø final: General Certificate of Secondary Education Ø some students go to the sixth form afterwards (after secondary school) Ø takes two years, leave the school with an A-Level or AS-Level exam Ø one has to have an A-Level exam in at least two classes to go to college 2. Differences between: England "" Wales "" Scotland "" Northern Ireland England Wales Northern Ireland Scotland Compulsory school 5-16 years 5-16 years 5- 15 years until the age of 16 disabled/ retarded Go to normal schools and get special help or they go to boarding schools.

Curriculum yes yes no - Not BINDEND- Uniform exams in Math and English Other main differences Bilingual classes since 1970 (Welsh and English) Schools are for free - Education system has a different structure Well known Universities - Oxford- Cambridge - University of Wales - University of Ulster- Queen's University (Belfast) - University of Edinburgh- University of Glasgow 3. National Curriculum Ø government guidelines about what is taught in state schools Ø main aim: to raise standards, making sure all children have a broad and balanced education up to the age of 16 and to ensure that schools in all parts of the country are following the same courses Ø divided into four "Key Stages": o...