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Throughout the mid- to late 1700's Britain faced many debts and those debts are thrown on to the colonist back's. Thne main reason for this action was because of Britain's resentment towards colonies for lack of financial help throughout the war. The lack of help during the war angers Britain and they feel a need to tighten their control over the daughter colonies. Many measures are taken by America to resist the new changes that are threatening their self-governing and most of these action succeed. Britain and American Colonist face many hard times together, against , and by each other; due to the French and Indian War. Throughout these trials many alterations are made that change both Britain and the Colonies in all aspects of there society.

Britain feels resentment towards America for not helping out with the war financially and realizes the stature of neglect they had placed on the colonies before this war.

Now wants major reorganization. They try to enforce the Grenville Act, which attempted to change the colonies political system drastically by placing many soldiers in the colonies to try to search ships for smuggler and stop colonist revolts and make sure Britain laws were being abided.

Britain was denying America of any kind of self rule , when self-rule is what they were used to before the French and Indian War had started. What was even worse to the colonists was the fact that they had to quarter these soldiers. The exact same men that had arrested somebody's son for smuggling could be the same one they were helping stay in the colonies by keeping them fed and sheltered.

The Sugar Act , Currency Act, and Stamp Act are all acts set up to help Britain pay for the soldiers. Colonists are very angry...