The Broad Perspective: How do Climate and Economy Affect Each Other? Teacher LOVED this essay, very well researched and accurate.

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The Broad Perspective

How Do Climate and Economy Affect Each Other?

North America along with other first world nations has now realized that as other nations aspire to develop along the same lines, serious implications on the ego-systems ability to sustain that type of growth will develop. With the end of the cold war and the demise of Marxist economies, capitalism is now the predominant economic system. Long associated with liberal democracy, it is also practiced within totalitarian societies like China. Many people believe that economic trade among nations is the basis to maintain geopolitical relationships. That being said, this trade is also creating the growth that is of concern for the environment. Many second and third world countries need to build infrastructure in order to sustain their growing populations. Traditionally this is done through building dams, deforestation, mining resources, and building manufacturing capabilities. As first world nations ponder the consequences of this cycle, they can seem to be somewhat critical in that although we have achieved industrial success, our cautionary stance towards other developing nations seems somewhat hypocritical.

In order to maintain relationships with developing countries, how do we encourage technological investments that will positively impact this development such that developing nations can move into new technologies at the expense of developed nations. This is a difficult dilemma in that many of the developed world democracies will have to engage in political discourse over taxing, large emitters, and consumers in order to foster the technological innovations and conservation needed to provide environmental stewardship and at the same time allow developing countries the leeway to borrow capital needed for the same thing. This is always difficult in developed nations as many of them are dealing with the healthcare costs of aging populations and their own infrastructure problems.

While many private...