"Broken Lives" By Estelle Blackburn.

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The chapter "Another Gun, Another Unlocked Door" is a chapter from Estelle Blackburn's expository text Broken Lives. This chapter focuses on one night of Eric Edgar Cooke's murderous sprees where he steals a rifle and shoots a baby sitter, once again leaving the city of Perth in the hands of fear and danger. The purpose of this chapter is to fight for Cooke's guilt. It shows that he had no fear of being caught and was a devious man when it came to him stealing, killing and the plans he came up with. Through particular aspects of its construction including point of view, structure, language, personality presentation and tone, our response to the ideas conveyed are able to be shaped and moulded to the ideas that are presented

The point of view in "Another Gun, Another Unlocked Door" is from a third person omniscient view, looking in on the world surround Cooke.

However the point of view is no ordinary third person point of view, it is in fact shifting, jumping from one character to the next so that we can get into the minds of all the characters and the emotions they are experiencing at the time of the 'gunman's rampage." The point of view is shifting as to present the views of the many characters we come into contact with throughout the chapter. All people views on Cooke come to fruition and to our realisation. The fear that Cooke spread throughout Perth is exposed and our response to him and our feelings moulded. He shoots an innocent girl studying, through the point of view we can look in on his emotions and thoughts and the evil side of him.

"... He had a rifle and was in a killing mood ..."

This suggests that Cooke had...