Broken Promises A short drama between a married couple problems resulting from too many broken promises.

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Broken Promises is a short drama between a married couple problems resulting from too many broken promises. Cynthia is the protagonist wife who is sick and tired of her husband Pete's fallacies towards her. Cynthia is a strong Hispanic twenty-five year old female who gave up her hopes and dreams of becoming a high dollar defense attorney to marry her High School sweetheart Pete. Cynthia had been hesitant to marry so young but at the urging of her very traditional Mexican family's constant argument "women are suppose to get married and have babies, college is for men" she finally agreed to the marriage. Since marrying Pete, Cynthia became a house wife and dedicated herself completely to her husband and their home. Disillusionment filled the home when no babies came. Over the last seven years Pete has lost his charm, it has been ages since Pete has made one romantic gesture.

Pete won't even take the time to buy Cynthia a Birthday card, if it wasn't for Cynthia reminding him of her upcoming birthday he wouldn't even remember the date. Pete rarely keeps any of his promises to Cynthia and he takes her for granted knowing that she will always be there, at home waiting for him.

Cynthia is steadfast and proud. Even though she is just a housewife she stands proudly, with perfect posture and bows down to no one. She is tall and slender, her make up and hair are always perfect. If you didn't know that Cynthia came from a household who earns less $25,000 per year, you would certainly never be able to tell. Even dressed in a simple pair of jeans and tennis shoes it obvious by her stature that she commands respect. Actually, Cynthia comes from a family that was well off,