Bromine: History and Study

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Finally, away from Chlorine. I spend almost all of my time attached to that stupid Chlorine atom in a compound called Bromide. At last, this guy named Antoine Balard separated us. I overheard that it was the year 1826 when he found me, whatever that means. Maybe it's important to you. Once this guy separated me from that Chlorine, he got all excited, and then he commented that I stank. Maybe that's why he named me Bromine, which is from the Latin root bromos, which means "stench." I don't think that is very nice, but I guess its true, seeing how people's eyes water after my fumes reach them, and then they start to complain about sore throats.

Now that I'm away from Chlorine, I can find myself, my inner "me." I know that they gave me the atomic number 35, which is the number of protons I have.

I weigh a mere 79.904 atomic mass units, and my density at 293K is 3.119g/cm3. I'm a liquid at room temperature, the only non-metal liquid at that. I boil at 58.78°C, which is just 137.804°F. I also melt at -7.2°C, which is 19.04°F. My ionization energy is 11.814V. Imagine that! I also found out what you people do with me. First, you have to extract me form the stupid Chlorine atoms. Them I am used for a number of purposes. You often you me to disinfect water for pools, instead of Chlorine. Good idea. I'm much less harsh on eyes and hair. I used to be used in automotive fuel, but since engines use unleaded fuel now, I'm not used very often, though I'm starting to make a comeback in zero-emission vehicles, in the batteries. I was also used in agriculture as a pesticide, but now they...