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Bronx masquerade by: Nikki GrimesThe main character Tyrone is very racial and thinks he can’t live past the age of 25 and all sorts of other outrageous things. So in the beginning of the story he sounds like a BLACK man making excuses for him self. Toward the middle of the story his teacher has his classes start doing a poetry slam. You could tell after the first poetry slam that his attitude was changing. He acted as if he cared about school had more hope of doing something with his life.

The main event that changed Tyrone was the poetry slam. Kids skipped class, were late, and even snuck into Tyrone’s class just for the poetry slam. Other teachers became angry or maybe even mad that their students were cutting class to go to another teacher’s class. Another thing might have been his friends that wanted to do something with his life even thought he had been trying to get Tyrone to like school more and plan for collage after the poetry slam his hard work finally paid off.

Tyrone had lots of strengths and weaknesses. He was very strong when he stood up for him self and thought that he had to have his own back and thinking that he didn’t need friends. Even thought it was strong it wasn’t real smart because everybody needs somebody. So that’s kind strong to stand up for your self-but it was weak to think that you don’t need anyone else in the world.

Tyrone didn’t have much of anything going on his life. He was just very racial he thought just because he was black he couldn’t go to collage, he thought he could get a good job, and he must have had a bad influence in...