"The Bronze Bow" by Elizabeth George Speare

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The paper that I am writing about is how there is love, honor, and duties in the book of the Bronze Bow. I have found that there is a lot of all of those feelings in this book. Where I found them is a lot in Daniel. He lived on a mountain with a band of men for 5 years, that one day will have an up rise against the Roman soldiers in the local town. Daniel meets people that he once knew and starts interacting with more and more. He finds his old friend, and he starts being attached to them. I could tell that he wanted to be with them more than he really could, but his honor and duties to the bandits on the mountain got in-between that. He found his sister was possessed by demons, and out of love he cared for her whenever he could get Rosh's permission to go to the town.

I found that no matter what Daniel did he always stuck to the duties of the mountain. But soon he had to leave those duties behind. He found that he truly loved his sister and grandmother. When finding out that his grandmother dies he was torn between 2 different things. Either go back to the mountain and recruit men for the up rise, or stay with his demon possessed sister. Because he loves her still he stays with her and helps her as much as he possibly can. Throughout the story Jesus of Nazareth comes and preaches to the people in the town and in different places. He starts hearing his words of wisdom, and starts shaping up. Still his honor and duties for the mountains are coming in at points telling him that he must recruit Jesus. The most eye appealing...