Brookstone Hospice

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INTRODUCTION Within this paper we will analyse the case from the different perspectives of the key stakeholders. We will seek to discuss the objectives of the hospice and to compare them with the objectives of key stakeholders. In addition to the above we will review the case from ethical and business standpoints to determine if Kathy and the management at Brookstone?s acted in an ethical, moral way or not, and if not what were the contributing factors in the decision making processes of both DISCUSSION The Goal of the organization, as laid out in the case note, was ? To insure that the terminally ill patient was as comfortable as possible during the last days of his life?. The Mission and purpose of the organization, as outlined in the company manual was ? (a) to provide a holistic approach to the dying patients and their significant others, (b) to help the surviving significant others back to an optimal level of functioning, and (c) to assist health care professionals dealing with dying patients and their significant others?.

The Key stakeholders within the case study can be broken down into seven segmentations. These segmentations include; (1) the patients, (2) the patients significant others, (3) the carers (employees), (4) the management, (5) society, (6) Kathy Bennett, (7) shareholders. However within the organization there are six main stakeholders as we can remove Kathy Bennet who is represented with in the carer?s segmentation for analysis purposes.

The mission and purpose of the organization, as specified in the company manual, appear to closely match the needs of some of the key stakeholders within the organization. The patient receives the care he may need to help him to have quality of life and a dignified death. The patients significant others receives support and help, to manage the...