"Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls" by Jane Lindskold: Character Essay

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Abalone is a main character in the book Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls. She is introduced into the book when she meets the main character Sarah who has been kicked out into the street and invites her home. Abalone’s home is an underground warehouse. Many people live there and it is kind of like a gang or cult, it is called the wolf pack. Everyone in the pack is ruled by the head wolf and his book of rules. In the “Jungle”, which is what they call their home, everyone has to do their part and pay for utilities, food, etc. Abalone has her own personal job instead of working with other people from the “Jungle” or working for the purpose of the “Jungle”. Abalones job is hacking into computer systems and stealing things, mainly cars. Abalone doesn’t agree with many of the ways of the “Jungle” and the wolf pack. Abalone loves teaching Sarah all of her ways. She also loves new disguises. Abalone dresses very originally and has bright red short hair. She is very skilled at what she does and she is very wise.