Brotherhood of the Marine Corps

Essay by BKruegs June 2004

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The Brotherhood of the Corps

On November 10th 1775 in a small tavern just outside of Philadelphia, PA called "Tunn Tavern" a family was started. America, a fledgling nation at the time was in need of an elite, fast moving, amphibious military, one that could be useful in sea to land assaults. The Marine Corps was born, and recruiting for this newfound, elite force began. The Army was for the average man, it was thought of as the branch who would enlist any and all. The Marine Corps operates on a different principle, one that is bold, yet refreshing; "Maybe you can be one of us". I became part of this family at a young age; I was taken under a wing and developed as a human, and as a man. It became part of me, it embedded itself into my life forever. The Marine Corps is not just a branch of the military, it is a way of life, a brotherhood, a family.

America needs a Marine Corps not only to serve and protect, but to reinforce and resist values in today's general American culture. My life in the Corps has contributed largely to all aspects of my identity today and will continue to do the same for men and women throughout the world for years to come.

I was 17 years old, a senior in high school, and on a fast track to nothing. I knew I wanted something exciting in my life, something challenging, and was pretty sure I wasn't ready for college yet based on my high school grades. The military had never even crossed my mind most likely due to the fact nobody in my family had ever served in the military. Around 7 pm on a Tuesday evening I received a phone call that...