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The Declaration of Independence Project

English III

By 1776, the American Colonists were tired of being mistreated by King George III of England. Because they could no longer endure the tyranny that was forced upon them, they decided to rebel. Thomas Jefferson wrote this historical document to inform the king they would no longer tolerate his rule over them. Today, as a result of the archaic language, many students find it difficult to comprehend. This activity will help students gain an understanding of its meaning.

Objective: You will be expected to understand why this declaration is so important. Each student will also come to a realization of why so many people associate it with the "American Dream".

Assignment: With a partner, write a break up letter or a pink slip (tell someone they are fired). The letter should be an interpretation of The Declaration of Independence, one that is easily understood by all teens.

In short, translate The Declaration of Independence into modern English.


The letter needs to…

State the reason for writing the breakup letter or pink slip

Give three specific reasons the Colonists break up or fire King George III

Conclude with what you are going to do as a result of King George's actions

Be creative and original (do not plagiarize) in your writing

Stay true to the original Declaration of Independence (don't make up things that are not in the document)

Be composed by both partners

Grade: This will be worth two Quiz grades

This sheet needs to be turned in with the final copy as I will record your grade below. You will receive a 10 point deduction for not turning this paper in.

Name: Class Period:

The Declaration of Independence Project Grade Sheet


Stayed true to the original Declaration of...