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Bryan Gillem Mrs. Kromer English 11b September 11, 2002 A Day in Korea The sound of an explosion accompanied by screams coming from somewhere in the darkness. Bullets are whizzing past as people are running. This happened a lot during the Korean War. However, not everyone experienced it. One soldier in particular had hardly even seen any battles during his time in the war. Robert Jones had typical days in Korea; he hunted for food, watched his camp in shifts, and hiked on a daily basis.

Robert had typical military food. This food consisted of dried pork, potatoes, and water to drink. Sometimes he would also go out and hunt for food. A few of the things he hunted included wild pigs and monkeys. He would usually eat the basic food that his superiors gave to all of the troops.

Jones had to take his turn watching over the camp.

When he was not on his shift, he would sit around and clean his rifle or play cards. During his shift he would patrol the campsite and make sure that at least one other person was awake. His shift was generally uneventful and similar to the previous one.

Robert had to hike a lot during his time in Korea. A normal day found him hiking several miles through the wilderness. He would get up early each morning and eat; his platoon would then start hiking to survey the land. For the most part these hikes were also uneventful. During his entire time in Korea, he hiked several hundred miles.

Korea gave Robert Jones many, plain, typical days. He hunted for food to stay healthy, watched his camp to keep the platoon safe, and hiked everyday to keep him busy. All of these things were the main stream of his Korean life. The time he was over in Korea may have been boring, but it was still an important part of his life.