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Working In Business

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3Introduction �

4Body information �

4Intrapersonal effectiveness �

6Interpersonal effectiveness �

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The purpose of this portfolio is to reflect on my effectiveness based on the activities conducted in lectures, tutorials and my experiences in the group presentation task in order to help me learn from the experience.

This portfolio will be divided into three sections, which are intrapersonal effectiveness, interpersonal effectiveness and organisational effectiveness. For each section, I will describe the experience, reflect on it , link it with theory and finally to determine what I intend to do in order to improve my effectiveness. the cultural or social implications ill all be focused.

On the other hand, Learning Style Profiler , my team management style and networking & mentoring will be focused in each different section.

Body information

Intrapersonal effectiveness

Intrapersonal effectiveness can be defined as understanding yourself and your goals, strengths, weaknesses, style, biases and improving self-management skills, such as time management and stress management (De Janasz, Wood, Gottschalk, Dowd and Schneider, 2006, p.


In this section, my Learning Style Profiler will be presented. The Learning Style Profiler provides a measure of self-development learning based on a neuropsychological model in which learning is divided into instinctive and conscious learning (Jackson, C. J., 2011).The purpose of the Learning styles profiler is to get more understanding about my learning style and lead to self-development learning.

Learning Styles of HSIAO YUNG HUA

Sensation Seeker


Goal Oriented Achiever


Emotionally Intelligent Achiever


Conscientious Achiever


Deep Learning Achiever


According to the results in regard of my strengths and weaknesses, first of all , as a strong sensation seeker, I will be engrossed in initiating learning opportunities and tries...