Bubonic Plague and AIDS (Example) Prospectus

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Jordan LaRue

Senior Seminar

Dr. Tarver


AIDS & the Bubonic Plague

I have chosen to discuss and compare the Bubonic Plague of the 14th and 15th centuries and the AIDS epidemic of the 20th and 21st centuries. I will concentrate on the region of Europe for the Black Death epidemic and Africa for plague called AIDS. I will draw conclusions between the Bubonic Plague in medieval Europe and the epidemic affecting modern day Africa. I think there is a correlation between the ways that both plagues affect their civilizations. I believe that both plagues have many negative impacts on their region. I also believe that the plague in Europe had more positive side effects compared to the African plague. I think that both plagues affected the social, political and economical hierarchy of their time. Many millions of people were affected by these plagues. I will go into depth detail of every aspect of these diseases.

I will discuss the origins, how it spread, statistical data and how the people dealt with these catastrophes. I will talk about the time before the plagues hit, the time during and the time after. In my research I have found discussions over both epidemics but I have yet to find a source drawing them together like I plan to. I have also found adequate primary and secondary sources located in our library along with some I will purchase off the internet. There is also tons of information on the internet most of these being secondary. The AIDS epidemic affects Africa now so there is more data available, but since the bubonic plague affected so many Europeans the sources are also adequate. I will use newspapers and memos primarily for the AIDS plague but the Black Death will consist of many other types...