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Introduction:Buck & Pulleyn is a regional successful full-service Advertising firm, based on Rochester, New York with 54 employees (81% woman) in 1995. The agency was operating in a dynamic business environment which had seen many changes with the coming of the 1990s. By 1993, due to a number of problems which the company was traversing like payroll number inconsistencies , changes on the commission system, possible conflicts between middle management group and the directors, lack of cross departmental cooperation and unclear succession planning; the CEO Chris Pulleyn felt the necessity of changing the actual traditional and hierarchical structure company in order to adapt to the changing market requirements, improve the relations with the clients and obtain a more dynamic operation through a team based organization.

The CEO starts the process of this restructuring very carefully, conscious and always asking for the staff participation and opinions through surveys and letters. The process implementation takes almost a year and it was gradually according to an Implementation plan well thought.

By 1996 the performance of the company seems to be improving, sales in this year rise more than 60% comparing with 1993 (before restructuring). The company´s reputation also seems to improve across their area and external people identify B&P as a good place to work and the agency won several advertising awards.

On the other hand, some employees preferred the traditional hierarchical structure and client variety, work with different teams, different clients, different challenges, avoiding routine and having clear where they can aim, because the team structure seems to decrease their promotion possibilities Differences between Current structure vs. IBUThe entire company was operating with a traditional departmental structure the six departments heads was reporting to the CEO. People with similar skills and abilities were replaced into the same departments. The departments to the directors...