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Hinduism and Buddhism

One of the most ancient religions are Hinduism and Buddhism, both of them were born in India. Both of these religions are worldwide spread, especially Buddhism but Indians follow Hinduism more. They have some things in common but the most important beliefs are different. Buddhism is more realistic and believable than Hinduism.

Buddhism and Hinduism believe in some common things such as karma and reincarnation. They believe that when a person commits a sin his karma is getting unclean, and until the person cleans his karma, he will be born into other bodies over and over again (reincarnated). And if the karma is fully cleaned it will reach nirvana. But they also believe in different things, Hinduism believes in more unrealistic things like souls and gods such as Brahman which is the creator of all but Buddhism does not.

No one can prove that a gods or souls exists, so it means that believing in gods or souls is like believing in something which you have made up by yourself, we can say this is one thing why the Hindus believed in more unrealistic things. Buddhists believe that the gods in which Hindus believe in are not even equal to Buddha.

Buddhists have no rituals and priests, Hindus do. That's one more reason why Buddhism is more realistic. The main reason for completing rituals is to somehow connect to gods and ask for something. If we look in a scientific way it is impossible to connect with gods by any kind of rituals. We can say the same about priests, they accomplish a similar function as rituals, people go to priests and ask things which they want to ask the god and think that by doing this the priests...