Buddhism and Christianity

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In looking at Buddhism and Christianity and their views of God, we can find tremendous diversity. Buddhists say there is no deity while Christians believe in God who is loving and approachable. In Buddhism, it is an individual quest at being free from desire. On the other hand, in Jesus' teaching, there is a personal relationship with a personal God. Though the two religions are very different in certain sense towards the nature of God, the purpose of these two religions is very similar and very similar to other world religions: be good.

People outside of Buddhism often think that Buddhists worship Buddha. In fact, Buddhists do not worship any Gods. Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) never claimed to be divine, and Buddhists reject the notion of any supernatural power. The universe operates by natural law. Everyone is the same in the Universe, while everyone's life constitutes the same thing that is suffering from pain.

Life is seen as consisting pain: pain in birth, sickness, death, and continuous sorrow and despair. Everyone in the world suffers form the same pain; there is no one for who will suffer less pain than the others will. Even Siddhartha Gautama had suffered from pain before he became Buddha. The existence of Buddha does not suggest a God or a model for worshipping. Rather, how Buddha exists from the continuous pain is what Buddhists learn.

Contrary to the "godless" in Buddhism, there is an existent God in Christianity. This God is a loving God, Jesus Christ, who has revealed himself and can be personally known in this life. With Jesus Christ, the most important thing for Christians is to focus on enjoying a relationship with God and growing to know him better. Jesus Christ is the God that is in a human form; he performs miracles,