Buddhism vs Catholicism. Describe the roles of Lama and Priests within their religions. Compare and contrast. Compare and contrast Buddhist and Catholic nuns.

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The Catholic and Buddhist religions have important people within their religion. These important people help to spread the word about their religion. In the Catholic religion a Priest is an important person who leads mass as too is the Buddhist equivalent, Lama. Nuns, in both Buddhism and Catholicism, are also very important within their religions. Some of their similarities and differences will be discussed about these people within their religions.

Lamas and Priests are both leaders in their religion. They both have the authority of their figure in their religion. The Lama has the authority of Buddha and a Priest has the authority of God. They are both able to forgive people's sins. Part of their role within the church is to spread the word and teachings of Buddha and Jesus. A Priest and Lama's understanding of God/Buddha helps them to give adherents advice and guidance on religious, life and moral issues.

Both a Priest and a Lama are compassionate, kind, forgiving, intelligent, trustworthy and well-respected in order to be important in their religion.

Lamas and Priests have many differences between them. Their uniforms are different. While a Priest has several robes each for different occasions such as purple for lent, a Lama only has on outfit which is orange and is worn all year round. Lamas also live in more poverty than a Priest. Lamas only have a few possessions; two robes, a needle and thread to repair robes, a razor to shave their head, alms bowl and strainer. They sleep on a mat and also have a table in their room to keep their bowl on. While Priests don't live in luxury they are still able to have a bed and a television. The education...