Buddhism VS. Christianity

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In ancient times there was an era in which two religions fought viciously over the minds and beliefs of all people. These two religions are now known as Buddhism and Christianity. Christianity "started" a little after 0 B.C. the date when he was born. Christ was supposedly gods child and was born by the Virgin Mary and died on the cross because one of his disciples betrayed him and he died on the cross. After his death he rose from his grave and all that was left there was his clothes, his tomb, which was opened, and an angel who stood there and informed the visitors what happened the Jesus Christ. After this amazing incident Christianity spread like a wildfire for all that got caught in it soon got engulfed. This religion is mainly based on the Ten Commandments and belief that the holy trinity governed all. The main book of rules or official set of regulations for Christianity is the bible, which has two parts, the New Testament and the Old Testament.

Christ had an extreme similarity to many gods of different religions before him. Buddhism is very similar to Christianity however it originated much earlier than Christianity in 563 B.C. When Siddhartha Gotama was 29. He was born into a wealthy family and realized that only wealth could not fulfill his inner being so he started studying religion. At age 80 he died in happiness knowing he had created a new religion that has influenced the world. Buddha as he was named alter in his life took all the true and pure parts of all religions and put them together into a religion that was almost perfect in his eyes. The similarities between these two religions of the world are great. The two religions are monotheistic and state that...