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It is said that higher education is the key to success. However, with the outrageous prices for this fundamental learning, it is not easily attained. The new budget cuts that are being created are affecting college students in a negative way. Now more than ever both in state as well as out of state students have to work harder to get the units, books, and money required to fulfill this costly demand. Another factor that comes as a setback is the student's financial status, a situation that the state takes little consideration upon.

Unit prices are way too high for the average working student. Statistics have shown that since the year of 1998 unit prices have risen from a twelve dollar unit price to twenty-four dollars. The Universities have increased to as much as two-hundred dollars a unit, so as you can see that is a very dramatic rise. It is a known fact that average paying jobs are not sufficient enough to meet these standards.

Another factor is time, not all college students have the flexibility in their schedules to maintain a steady paying job. The rising cost of college tuition coupled with a lack of need-based financial assistance throughout the country is a threat to low-income students preparing for college.

Along with units come textbooks, a necessity for each and every college student. Textbook companies are unfair to college campuses, but mostly the students for example if you are using a ninth edition book and the next year the teachers ask you to buy a new revised tenth addition. The price is double what you paid for it the previous semester, but all they really did was add a page or change a few words. So this is the way that they make all their money by ripping...