Bug Inc. Paper.

Essay by BWMP January 2006

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Bug, Inc. should look into the following legal protections for its intellectual property. The federal laws provide protection for intellectual property rights like trade secrets which can be products, formulas, patterns, designs and or compilations of data, customer list or other business secrets (Cheeseman, 2004). If Bug, Inc. has a trade secret the Uniform trade secret act would give statutory protection to their secrets. Patents were invented to protect inventors when making their inventions public and to protect patent inventions from infringement (Cheeseman, 2004).

Therefore, the deigns that Bug, Inc. created for their electronic recording devices should have a patent to protect their product from being exploited. Trademarks protect the owner's investments and goodwill in a mark and it prevents consumers from being confused as to the origin of goods and services (Cheeseman, 2004). Authenticity would be established to all of their recording devices if a trade mark was implemented on behave of the product make-up.

After reviewing the actions that both Wiretap, Inc and their employee Steve engaged in by deceiving Bug, Inc. into thinking Steve was a legit employee when in reality he was sent their to steal valuable information about their company without the permission of Bug, Inc If caught both Wiretap and Steve could be charged of intentional misrepresentation better know as fraud, along with all the protections acts that go along with the company's patents and trade secrets and, if any violations against their trade marks. On top of all of this they also can be charged with punitive damages to hopefully discourage the defendant from similar actions in the future. This could result in millions of civil liability charges and the possibility of both the employer and the employee being convicted of criminal charges as well.


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