To Build A Fire in the dog's point of view

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I wish we could have stayed inside where it was warm. I've been walking with the man for a long time and I'm cold, tired and hungry. I don't want to walk anymore, but he won't stop. I do not like the man. He is mean to me and yells at me constantly.

My insides hurt. I follow the man walking along in the cold. I do not want to go, but he makes me follow him. I wish he could feel what I feel; even my fur hurts. He is going to where the other food and fire providers are, and I really want to make it there soon, for I am very hungry and cold. He makes me run ahead of him and I fall into the water. When I get back up, the water is hard in my fur and toes. I can't let the hard water stay between my toes, so I bite them to remove the hard water, and start walking again.

I wish I could see the big, bright, warm circle in the sky, but it is not anywhere to be seen. I was warm when the man was with the other man, but I don't know what they were saying, I don't speak human. We have been walking for a long time, and I am tired. The man just fell down. Finally, it was him instead of me. Maybe, now, he'll know how I feel. But, the man rises up again, and tries to make a fire with the fire sticks. I am happy because it will make me warm. The man sits to get warm, but the white stuff on the trees falls and the fire goes out.

Now he tries to make another fire with the fire sticks, but the...