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Why I want to be educated? Why I chose education as my future career? What is my goal and what motivates me? Sometimes people ask me what enables you to work so hard in study, why you can enjoy learning knowledge, which is somehow tedious and boring for others. I have been thinking this for a long time. I found there is something inside myself, which is the most significant motivation for me to be educated. It is to build a strong, complete, and erudite myself.

I always feel unsatisfied with myself. I always believe I could, and I should be much better than what I am now. I want to be a person with open mind and judicious brain. I want to be a person with health body and dexterous hands. I want to be a person with self-confidence and optimism. I want to be a person with decent manner and elegant behavior.

I want to be a person with honorable career and respectable reputation. Those desires and unsatisfactory animate me to seek a way to promote myself to a higher standard. Eventually I found the way is to become educated.

Simon J. Ortiz benefited a lot from his family for his education. His childhood was the oral tradition of the Acoma Pueblo people. He grew up within a people who farmed small garden plots and fields, who were mostly poor and not well educated. The first language he spoke was Acoma. It was somehow difficult for him to differentiate himself from other people in the community. Fortunately, he had a good family. He discovered the world of the Acoma land and people firsthand through his family. He worked with his father and grandfather, listening to stories and songs, gaining knowledge of his language. Those enabling factors were important...