Building a Motivational plan

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Every corporation should have a unique motivational plan to coincide with the employee's individual needs and goals. Since every workplace is different, it is important to implement motivational techniques that pertains to and stimulates employees. After doing so, we can relate the progression towards and around the company's mission and goals as a whole.

In today's business environment, I believe that effective motivation begins with managers. They have the ability to empower their employees and further their development. It is important for the manager to identify employee's moral and ethical behavior, as well as their social surroundings. This may be done through confidential surveys listing various self-assessment questions with work related issues such as, "would they prefer to work alone or in groups, or even how they see themselves progressing at work." Also, the manager may want to have employees create a "wish list," to invoke ideas of which may be of some importance and could possibly motivate him/her.

By doing techniques such as these, the manager will not only be able to get to know the employees, but also find ways to motivate. The key is to find out what makes the majority of the employees "tick." If they feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to increase their productivity. Perhaps the manager may want to present the employee with more responsibility to show trust and past good work. Also, managers seem to overlook the basic slap on the back for a job well done. By making employees feel valuable and motivated at the same time, will help reduce the turnover rate, and absenteeism in the corporation. Hopefully, higher-level managers will be able to allocate positive and negative influences so that they can alter the current structure, or continue to generate positive feedback from employees.

The organization itself...