Building New Brands

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Building New Brands- Executive Summary


Building New Brands- Executive Summary

Building a new brand takes much effort. Creating a marketing message that grabs the public's attention can be a challenging task. It takes several groups to make this possible. McDonald's is a great example of marketing done right. They have become a high-visibility brand over the years with their continued success. Consultants help in building a brand and making it successful like McDonald's.

The Role of PR

There are several groups that participate in the advertising of the marketing message for an organization. The advertising agency, media organization, specialized marketing communications services, and collateral services. According to Belch & Belch (2009) an advertising agency, is an outside firm that specializes in the creation, production, and/or placement of the communications message and that may provide other services to facilitate the marketing and promotions process (Belch & Belch, p. 73).

Media organizations are another major participant in the advertising and promotions process. The primary function of most media is to provide information or entertainment to their subscribers, viewers, or readers (Belch & Belch, p. 74).Specialized marketing communications services include direct-marketing agencies, sales promotion agencies, interactive agencies, and public relations firms. These organizations provide services in their areas of expertise (Belch & Belch, p. 74). Collateral services provide a wide range of support functions used by advertisers, agencies, media organizations, and specialized marketing communications firms. These individuals and companies perform specialized functions the other participants use in planning and executing advertising and other promotional functions (Belch & Belch, p. 74). The role of the PR firm is to create every aspect of the advertising message used to introduce a new product into the market place. The PR firm will do research on the competitors in the market as well as review...