The Building of A New Nation

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Shortly after the end of the American Revolution of 1776, the United States experienced a rapid development and growth in its economic and industrial setting. Before the United States gained its independence from Great Britain, its industry solely relied on the imports and exports from across the Atlantic Ocean. The colonies had no independent industry, and it was never thought that the colonies would ever develop their own free industry, but it was within the American character to seek prosperity and industrial expansion into one the economic powers of the world.

Once the American Revolution of 1776 was coming to a conclusion, an independent American industry began to form. Throughout the years of 1789 to 1860, technological advances, government involvement and improvement within the nations infrastructure contributed to the expansion of a prosperous nation, which would become the biggest economic power in the world.

To maintain a powerful and influential industry, technological advances are necessary.

Inventions enhanced the idea of expanding the nation and dramatically accelerated the development of industry. Inventions such as the cotton gin and steamboat helped shape our nation. Invented by Eli Whitney, the cotton gin helped lead the United States in the leading producer of cotton in the world. This invention allowed cotton to be produced at a higher rate thus making the economy of the South immune to financial instability. Other technological advances include transportation. The steamboat, which was invented by Robert Fulton, helped accelerate trade throughout the United States. It allowed for the first time, for materials and crops to travel against the river currents and increase trade between the North and the South. Most importantly these inventions were a symbol of our efforts for prosperity. The character of our nation was always to flourish financially and arise above our neighbors.