Building a spacecraft to travel to Mars

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Spacecraft DesignOur task that we have been set is to create a space shuttle and create a mission to Mars. The space shuttle will need to store necessary equipment for the astronauts such as water, food and oxygen and must include an artificial gravity bedroom to prevent the astronauts muscle development and health. Many successful missions of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and Endeavour, these sizes are efficient for the use of this Shuttle design. This has played a huge factor in the creation of the space shuttle. The Space shuttle needs to be very aero dynamic, to help with takeoff and fight. The Shuttle will be no larger than 10 metres in diameter, and reaches a small nose to help increase the dynamics of the ship upon takeoff.

HeightApprox. 37 mDiameterApprox. 10 mEstimated Takeoff Mass (including food, water and supplies)Approx .100,000 kgLIVING IN SPACEWaterWater is an essential for the astronauts stay in outer space.

It will keep them hydrated and allows them to stay clean. This water will need to be recycled. This will happen by recycling the Space Shuttle's fuel cells, from urine, from oral hygiene and hand washing, and by condensing humidity from the air. This is the most efficient way to provide the shuttle with water.

FoodIt is essential that a human should eat three meals per day. Therefore the astronauts will eat three meals a day which will consist of nonperishable supplements. This is to avoid spoilage. The food must be stored correctly and extra food will be stored in case of emergencies.

OxygenAn Oxygen Generation System will be installed into the shuttle to provide oxygen to the crew members. The OGS uses electrolysis to separate water into breathable oxygen. This provides oxygen through the shuttle daily.

Affects on Human BodyThe affects of space on the...