Building your Company's Mission Vision - a reaction to collins and porras'article

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The article, as the title tells us, is about building your company's vision. It speaks of the fundamental components of what a company's vision should have. However before complicating things with terms that are oddly new to some of us, I would like to define first what a vision is. A vision is a depiction of the business as you want it to be. In lexicon terms it is, "a mental image produced by the imagination". It concerns seeing the optimal prospect for the business, and vividly describing this vision. The description might include how things will be, where, who with, what you'll be doing and how you'll feel. Well, that's the theory, but in practice everything gets jumbled up, which doesn't matter for some, so long as, they say, will help the strategic development of the business. On the contrary, because their company's vision is (ironically) not clear to a lot of people and it may be the reason why in real life they get muddled up, I firmly believe that this article would set a standard for producing a quality vision for the company.

First of all, the text is very well verse and it is easy to understand. Since Collins and Porras are in the field of research, their article is very systematic, empirical, profound and straightforward. Their studies about creating a formidable vision has substantial basis from visionary companies in every industry, thus making their work a credible source of information for companies who wishes to outline their company's vision. According to Collins and Porras, a well-conceived vision consists of two major components: core ideology and envisioned future. In the writing, the authors first focus on the core ideology of the company. Core ideology, as stated, is the yin in their idea. It defines what the...