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At the current time there is no similar competition in the same sort of business that we are proposing to start. At the moment the site for the shop is still to be confirmed, however we are looking at possible sites within the next two weeks. A supplier from the states has been contacted and we are currently in talks as to whether we would be able to import goods from America. While thinking about duty costs and other extra payments needed for importing it has still worked out to be cheaper that if we bought from a UK supplier. Employment has been thought of and decisions have been made to seek employees from the local job centre. Advertisements have been placed in the local newspaper and pamphlets have been handed out to help the search for employees. Advertising has also been thought of and a deal with the local newspaper and radio is currently pending a decision.

We are planning to spend £3000 on advertising.

As you can see from the results in the questionnaire my proposed business should be very successful. At the current moment in time there is no known competition locally situated.

I feel that there is no need for a large number of staff to be employed so I will employ between three and four people. Each member of staff will go through basic training about the products they are selling so that they under stand what they are selling. I will be paying members of staff the minimum wage as the job they are under taking is not very demanding and short hours.

There are good parking facilities available near the proposed site as there is a large carpark about four hundred yards away, there is also a small amount of parking directly outside the shop.

To get hold of stock to sell we have worked out it will be cheaper to get stock imported. This way we could get hold of a wider range of products and get stuff not currently available in England.This is my proposed site of the shop. i have managed to buy this for this is five thousand pounds less than the asking price but i managed to negotiate and lower it.This property has all the facilities needed to make our business work well. It has a large front window for displaying stock of which is free advertising, a stock room of a reasonable size but of which may need to be expanded in the future, it also has a small area where employees will be able to rest.Get on ya bike I am planning to open a bike shop called "˜Get On Ya Bike' which will be placed in Newton Abbot town centre. I would be very grateful if you could please fill in this as truthfully as possible.

1) How old are you? Under 15 15-30 30+ Are you: Male Female 2) Would you consider buying my products? Yes No 3) Do you go cycling yourself? Yes No 4) If yes, What type of cycling do you take part in? Trials Downhill Road Other 5) What is favourite make of bike? Onza Orange Saracen Giant DDG Monty Kona Massi Muddy Fox Other Thank you for filling in this form, hope to see you soon.