Bullies, A Normal Path In Society

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There are basically two type of bullying: male and the rising popularity of female bullying. Bullying occurs all the time, all around the world. It doesn't only happen at school it happens at work or even on the street. People should never run away from bullies. This will make them think you are scared of them and that they can over power you. Probably the worst thing to do is to keep your feelings to yourself. I feel that you should always tell someone, even if you are not sure if you are actually being bullied or not. Bullying can have long term effects on people. People who were bullied at a young age can carry the effects on to adult life. Some people react to bullying in bad ways. The person bullying is a person who most of the time is being bullied themselves. I feel sometimes when stress is put upon me, I want to get it out on somebody else, and I have also witness this through other people.

People are usually scared to tell somebody if they are being bullied. I find that bullying is very common in boys and girls. In girls a different kind of bullying occurs. Instead of fighting and hurting somebody physically, girls will talking behind ones back, or giving bad look, which is considered there type of bullying. Rachel Simmons a person who wrote "Odd Girls Out" knows many of the issues that occur.