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Bullying: A Problem for All Ages

Submitted by: Nhi Khiet Tran

EMLS 112_Professor Harris

Section: Monday - Wednesday 11.30am - 1.35pm

November 10, 2012

Bullying is not only a serious problem of kids and teenagers, but it is also a pain for all ages. Bullying occurs everywhere, and it can cause an everlasting scar to the victims, who are considered weak, poor, and different from others. In addition, bullying is a growing problem which may destroy victims' lives. When I read an article about teenagers who committed suicide because they were bullied at school, I wondered if greasers feel regret for what they have caused and want to go back in time to change their behaviors.

Paul Logan wrote "Rowing the Bus" to share his own experience dealing with bullies as he was young. Paul was bullied at school since he did not have a father, his family was poor, he was smaller than other boys in school, and he usually wore outdated clothes which might have been donated by his classmates.

Every school day, he suffered from being insulted. Every night, he prayed that he could live a day without being teased. Four years later, during the summer before sixth grade, Logan's family moved to another city, which meant he would study in a school where he would not be insulted. However, he had to cope with another problem.

In his new school, he soon discovered that there was a skinny little boy with a squeaky voice who always receives a brunt of insults from other kids. That poor boy was George. While George was trying hard to make friends with Paul, the other students noticed and planned to made fun of them. Groups of students threw scratch paper and chewing gum at Paul when they saw him on...